• Day-to-day operations might not carry the same shine as a carefully presented strategic plan but they are essential to that plan’s success. Managing cash flows, facilities, technological requirements are all important aspects of an association’s success.

    Topics in this competency area will help you:

    Manage Day to Day Financials

    • Monitor cash flows
    • Monitor investments
    • Track actual revenues and expenses against budget
    • Adjust expenses and activities as required
    • Communicate financial information to stakeholders

    Manage an annual external financial audit or review engagement

    • Determine appropriate level of financial assurance needed for organization
    • Develop internal process for audit or review engagement
    • Develop action plan to address audit or review engagement findings
    • Support selection and periodic review of the audit firm

    Manage Facilities

    • Assess facility
    • Conduct facility needs assessment
    • Identify opportunities to optimize facility
    • Develop action plan for facility management

    Manage Equipment

    • Conduct equipment inventory
    • Conduct equipment needs assessment
    • Identify opportunities to improve equipment

    Manage Technology

    • Identify the organization technological scope of need
    • Audit current technology use
    • Conduct gap analysis of technology processes
    • Implement technological improvements within current infrastructure
    • Implement technological improvements beyond current infrastructure
    • Establish continuous improvement plan

    Develop operational practices

    • Define operational practices
    • Identify external authorities related to operational practices
    • Identify internal authorities related to operational practices
    • Document operational practices
    • Implement operational practice

    Resources in the Mange Operations section are helpful for association executives and staff.

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