• Congratulations to the Class of 2023. All of your hard work and perseverance have led you to this proud moment in your lives. Best wishes on your next adventure!

    Here is the 2023 Class of CAE’s

    This year’s valedictorian was Lindsay Pealow.  Read her speech here.

    Robyn Baran, CAE
    Blueneck Consulting Inc.
    Sandra Moniz, CAE
    Tourism Calgary
    Ryan Bast, CAE
    Motor Safety Association
    Lindsay Murray, CAE
    Start up Zone
    Nick Beynon, CAE
    CPHR Nova Scotia
    Fatima Niri, CAE
    Jason Boyer, CAE
    Fletcher Wright Associates Inc.
    Edith Oyosoro, CAE
    Canadian Nursery Landscape Association
    Nick Burke, CAE
    The Humane Society of Kitchener Waterloo & Stratford Perth
    Lindsay Pealow, CAE
    AMCES Association Management & Consulting
    Natalie Conway, CAE
    Josipa Petrunic, CAE
    Canadian Urban Transit Research & Innovation Consortium
    Khadija Cutcher, CAE
    Colleges & Institutes Canada
    Ibtihal Ridha, CAE
    Automotive Industries Association of Canada
    Lee-Anne Hateley, CAE
    Canadian Bar Association Alberta Branch
    Louise Simpson, CAE
    Ontario Professional Foresters Association
    Mary Henricksen, CAE
    Conestoga College
    Renee Tiffin, CAE
    Parkland Community Living and Supports Society
    Jennifer Lavallee, CAE
    Community Living Renfrew County South
    Lyne Trahan, CAE
    Association Concepts Inc.
    Melanie Leaf, CAE
    The Association of Science and Engineering Technology
    Kathryn Wakefield, CAE
    Institute of Corporate Directors
    LeeAnne Maille, CAE
    Yes Employment Services Inc. (Nipissing)
    Jennifer Watson, CAE
    Brandon First

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