• The CAE® Program is Canada’s only fully online program that leads to a professional designation in not-for-profit leadership. Designed to meet the needs of leaders in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive market, CAE courses provide critical transferable skills overlaid with sector specific knowledge.   

    CAE Students are:

    • Executives and other senior leaders in the non-profit sector who seek increased confidence in their daily practice
    • Executives and other senior leaders who have transitioned to non-profit leadership from another sector
    • Managers and other leaders who aspire to more senior roles

    CAE Program Description

    Based on core not-for-profit management subjects the CAE® Program is a suite of five online, 12 week courses and a certifying exam. The full program can be completed in as little as 20 months. We are constantly seeking to improve the program and will be updating the courses to align with the Competencies for Association Executives over the coming 2 years. Stay tuned for more information on the availability of the revised courses. To sign up for our pilot courses, contact cae@csae.com

    CAE Courses

    CAE Program Fees

    CAE BOOK BUNDLE$250 + TAX$250 + TAX
    CAE100$799 +  TAX$899 +TAX
    CAE200$799 +  TAX$899 +TAX
    CAE300$799 +  TAX$899 +TAX
    CAE400$799 +  TAX$899 +TAX
    CAE500$799 +  TAX$899 +TAX
    CAE FINAL EXAM$575 +  TAX$575 +TAX

    CAE Program Delivery

    All courses and the exam for the CAE Program are offered in a flexible online format with no required travel – your computer and a reliable internet connection are your passport to learning! Course participants collaborate with peers and instructors through online discussion forums and benchmarking exercises to enhance the learning experience. As a student, you’ll discover the strategies and approaches your peers from across the country are using in their own organizations. Assignments feature real world scenarios that allow you to explore new approaches that can then be implemented into your work.

    Additional information:

    Need financial assistance?

    If you’ve been considering pursuing your Certified Association Executive (CAE®) designation, you may qualify for funding to support your studies!

    Canadian provinces and territories offer qualified individuals attractive grants to help fund their professional development. Program requirements may vary by region and could make it easier for your association to invest in your future! Visit Canada.ca to explore possible grant opportunities in your region.

    Several current CAE® students have already succeeded in having their studies subsidized, allowing them to join fellow association executives from across the country in the development of their not-for-profit competencies.

    Start planning your participation in the CAE© by exploring your region’s job grant program options. Apply for a grant today and get started!

    For more information on the CAE program, please contact:
    CAE Department
    416.363.3555 x 242
    1.800.461.3608 x 242

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