• Delivering value to our members and stakeholders is the heart of an association’s purpose. The best governance and planning won’t save an organization that has lost sight of what its members want, need, and value. Whether your organization is focused on lobbying, professional development, affinity programs or an endless variety of additional possibilities, we all seek to improve our industries, professions, or special interests. Defining, implementing, and improving our products, services and benefits is they key to association success.

    Delve into the Deliver Value competency area to improve how you:

    Collect evidence-based data

    • Identify data sources
    • Identify research needs
    • Review data

    Identify Needs of Segments

    • Refine segments
    • Identify opportunities to provide value to segments

    Conduct continuous improvement of organizational offerings

    • Evaluate existing organizational offerings
    • Develop new products or services based on identified needs
    • Develop action plan for products and services

    Topics explored in the Deliver Value competency area are aimed at association leaders, those responsible for functional units and other staff.

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