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    CSAE’s audience is comprised of professionals in the Canadian association sector. Content should provide thought leadership and practical information relevant to this audience. Articles must be appropriately in-depth, informative, thought-provoking — and informed by the Canadian context.

    Posts also must:

    • Be 800-1500 words in length; however 500-800 words may be acceptable as well.
    • Be previously unpublished content.
    • Be devoid of commercial and promotional content.
    • Be research -based where possible, and include citations where appropriate.
    • Include external hyperlinks where possible.
    • Be directly relevant to the Canadian association sector ( examples and case studies are valuable.)
    • Include subheadings and bulleted lists where possible, for organization and reader-friendliness.
    • Address one or more of the following core competency areas: Lead People, Establish Organizational Direction, Optimize Governance, Deliver Value, Manage Operations. For more information on these competencies, visit https://csae.com/competencies-for-association-executives/

    Note that submission to the blog does not guarantee that it will be published. CSAE will review all submissions and respond upon review. Thank you for your patience.

    CSAE reserves the right to edit for style, length and clarity. CSAE may repurpose the content as it sees fit.

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