• Association Executives are responsible for implementing the board’s vision and goals into concrete, actionable, timely objectives. Translating a strategic plan into measurable outcomes is a critical task of leadership as is setting in place the plans, targets, and partnerships to ensure success.

    The Establish Direction competency area explores everything from financial planning, budgeting, annual planning, maintaining brand and reputation and partnering for success. Explore this section to better:

    Analyse current financial state of the organization

    • Interpret financial documents

    Develop a Long-Term Business Strategy

    • Conduct business analysis
    • Develop plan for capital assets
    • Recommend long-term financial strategy

    Develop an Annual Business Plan

    • Convert strategic objectives into specific priorities for fiscal year
    • Develop annual budget
    • Conduct budget proces

    Develop and Maintain Brand and Reputation

    • Identify elements that support brand of organization
    • Profile stakeholders
    • Develop brand strategy
    • Establish crisis management protocol

    Develop partnerships to achieve organization objectives

    • Determine potential partnership opportunities
    • Develop collaboration agreements
    • Establish communication plan with partners
    • Evaluate performance against collaboration agreement

    The resources in this section are aimed at association Chief Staff Officers (CSOs) and other senior staff leaders who are responsible for budgeting, planning and leading organizations or functional units.

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