• CSAE is looking for people from the Association Community who want to share their passion, interest, and advice with their peers via CSAE content channels.

    This is an opportunity to help others and increase exposure for yourself and your association.

    How to Help with Content Contribution

    The Canadian Society of Association Executives is seeking help from people willing to help with content contribution to the CSAE website, and possibly other content channels.

    What We are Looking For

    We are looking for unique, quality content from members and non-members alike who want to deliver valuable content to the CSAE audience (that is, the association and not-for-profit sector, and beyond.) Such content can take many forms, including:

    • Blogs: Subject matter experts and similarly experienced and knowledgeable stakeholders that valuable insights and opinions to share with CSAE’s audience. This can be a one-shot blog post or a series of related or on-going topics.
    • Templates: CSAE endeavours to build a library of templates useful to stakeholders in the association and not-for-profit sector. Some are openly available to CSAE’s entire audience while others are limited to membership.
    • Business Member Input: CSAE’s business members have a unique perspective to share with our audience, and can do so in a number of ways. Contact us to find out what could work best in your situation.
    • Infographics: Did you create a relevant infographic you want to share but don’t have unique content to accompany it? Let us know. We can work with you to create a new and relevant blog or the like that draws from the valuable information presented in your infographic.
    • Videos: We welcome unique video content, be it something you’ve put together specifically as for CSAE content contribution, a webcast recording, or even something you recorded on a mobile device. Video is a content channel our audience enjoys.
    • CAE Experiences: Did you attend CSAE’s CAE program? Do you want to share your experiences with others, including your fellow students or those considering undertaking the program in the future? Share your story with us.
    • … and more.

    What We are Not Looking For

    Although CSAE appreciates all offers of help and content contribution, there are some forms of content we cannot use. These include:

    • Previously Published: We cannot re-post something you’ve published elsewhere (e.g., an article to your blog.) We need to keep the content value we deliver to our audience unique so that we are not cannibalizing traffic from other sources and creating duplicate content. It is possible to revisit previously published content using new and unique perspectives such as a continuation of a previous insight.
    • Advertising: Although CSAE appreciates the desire to use content as an opportunity to put one’s business and other interests directly in front of CSAE’s audience, doing so is inappropriate for our content channels. This runs contrary to our purpose of using content to deliver non-monetized value but also represents a conflict of interest for our business members and sponsors. This does not mean we cannot mention contributor services and products in content — it must be presented as secondary to the content’s value in and of itself, however.
    • Irrelevant: For obvious reasons, CSAE is interested in delivering content value that is relevant to the association and not-fo-profit sector. If your content is business-oriented or the like and cannot be re-tasked for CSAE’s sector, it is not appropriate for our audience.
    • Social Sharing: CSAE cannot share your social media posts that are not tied to CSAE content, events, etc.

    If in doubt, contact us and ask if the content contribution you are considering is appropriate. We can work with you to ensure that it is, if possible.

    What We are Offering

    We’ve found that many stakeholders in the association and not-for-profit sector are eager to gain access to CSAE’s audience, and we are just as eager to offer such opportunities when appropriate. This is an opportunity to put oneself in front of this audience and be heard. To many of our existing content contributors, this results in valuable networking and exposure.

    Although CSAE will not publish content that is essentially just a sales pitch or the like, we do allow a call to action to the contributor’s services, products, etc. We have found this to be a very effective means for “spreading the word” without diluting the content’s value or driving the audience away by shoving a sales pitch in their face. The content’s value as a unique, informative resource must always be the top priority of any content contribution.

    CSAE edits all content for the basics, but also for online publication format and search engine optimization (SEO) purposes.

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