• Digital Advertising: Six Quick Steps For Paid Media Magic

    As an active participant in the dynamic digital landscape, I’ve had the opportunity to work with various non-profit organizations (NPOs) and associations, helping them tap into the lucrative potential of social media advertising and digital retargeting.

    In July 2023, MCI Canada portfolio reached approximately $2 million in paid and earned media managed entirely through associations, councils and NPOs. This success is derived from our ability to find and dissect substantial data, facilitating organizations in achieving commercial goals more efficiently.

    I’m excited to share my insights with you, particularly in light of our recent transition to Google Analytics 4 (GA4), effective as of July 1st, 2023.

    The integration of GA4 into available technology for MCI Canada clients heralds significant enhancements in understanding consumer behavior and effectively delivering the right content. Navigating through this fresh landscape might be daunting, but I’m here to provide you with some guidance.

    Digital Advertising: First Steps

    To kick things off, let’s discuss the significance of existing data.

    Downloading and archiving traffic data from Google Analytics can act as a potent tool for enhancing your digital advertising results. GA4 implementation can be tricky, especially in parameter building and tracking, so make sure you have the right people around you.

    Now, let’s delve into the practical strategies that have gained popularity among our campaign managers here at MCI Canada and will undoubtedly aid you:

    1. Capitalize on Your Database
      If you have a database of past buyers (ideally, at least 500 names), consider this a goldmine. You can leverage this data to create ‘lookalike’ audiences for your digital remarketing efforts. Sometimes this trumps demographic segmentation in effectiveness, although you might need to broaden the scope.
    2. Understand Buying Intention Through Conversion Funnel
      A well-structured conversion funnel can provide a deep understanding of customer pains and needs. This valuable knowledge enhances your copy and creatives, evoking greater identification and action from potential customers.
    3. Utilize GA4 Events
      GA4 is a significant upgrade over Universal Analytics (everybody’s favorite). Its ‘Events’ feature, when mirrored with your conversion funnel, is an optimum tool for digital ad optimization. It ensures your content reaches the right audience at the right time.
    4. Remove Email Requirements for Content Download:
      If inbound activities are part of your strategy, it’s recommended to eliminate lead gates and open your content to the audience. Recent research shows lead generation intention doesn’t always equate to purchase intention. By removing this barrier, you reduce campaign costs and avoid unnecessary waste.
    5. Experiment with Incentives:
      A variety of promotional mechanisms (buy-one-get-one, refer a friend, discounts, etc.) can positively impact product attractiveness. Don’t shy away from experimenting with them. It’s important to do it consciously, as some incentive levels may impact brand perception.
    6. Engage with the Customer’s Pain Point:
      Many organizations fall short in focusing on the customer’s pain points. A better understanding of the reasons behind purchases and building content around them dramatically increases audience engagement. By increasing engagement you can reduce the overall cost of your campaign.

    Navigating the complex digital world might seem challenging. Still, with strategic implementation of paid media, astute use of GA4, and a customer-centric approach, NPOs and Associations can unlock significant potential, propelling them toward their desired outcomes.

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