• Brian Gaskell

    My name is Brian Gaskell. I am the MLS® and IT Specialist with the Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board (OMDREB). Established in 1954, OMDREB serves 1800 REALTORS® in Oakville, Milton, Halton Hills and surrounding areas though a variety of support and services, including professional development, technology, and advocacy. 

    I have been in the world of organized real estate for a little over two years and IT/Support for just shy of a decade. My dive into organized real estate started at the Niagara Association of REALTORS® as the Systems Support Representative and eventually, I moved to my current position at the Oakville, Milton and District Real Estate Board. My role comes with various day-to-day tasks. I train our members (REALTORS®) on using the Matrix MLS® System. In addition to training our members, I also travel across Ontario to complete Matrix MLS® training for other Real Estate Boards/Associations who do not have the resources or an in-house trainer. Along with training, I also assist members with any issues they may have in the MLS® System. Last, but not least, I am part of a two-person IT team here at OMDREB who ensures our office IT infrastructure is operating at the best possible capacity.

    I am excited to be part of CSAE, and I look forward to not only expanding my Association based knowledge, but also being an active member of the CSAE community. I plan on pursuing the Certified Association Executive® (CAE) Program and look forward to learning!

    Why did you initially join CSAE?
    I was initially registered for CSAE by my organization. Being unaware of what exactly CSAE was, I dove into educating myself about it, and after only a few moments I knew just how great it was going to be. I am driven to learn and connect – CSAE helps to feed that drive and I look forward to using the benefits.

    How do you overcome the challenges you face at work?
    I have always been a “deep end” type of person; sink or swim. Whenever I am faced with a new challenge, I like to do what I know best – prepare and then attack it head-on and with everything I’ve got. 

    What does leadership mean to you and how do you lead others in your organization?
    Leadership, to me, means empowering those to make their own decisions, standing behind those decisions, but also ensuring there is a learning opportunity from the outcome; good or bad. I believe that every leader should be able, if/when the time comes, to get in it and get their hands dirty and should never ask someone to do something they are unwilling to do. While I continue to development my leadership skills, these are the core fundamentals that I will continue to practise. 

    What is your greatest achievement?
    Breaking out of my comfort zone. For a long while, most of my early 20’s, I was too comfortable in my personal and professional life. I had no ambition to change or grow, and my day-to-day was starting to become auto-pilot. I was unhappy and knew something had to change. Taking the first step to break out of the routine was extremely difficult and one of my own proudest moments and achievements. 

    Where do you hope to see yourself in 5 years?
    Professionally, in 5 years I look to be further down the career path I am currently set on.  I’ve found a real love for mixing technology and organized Real Estate, and I am looking forward for what’s to come. I hope that +5-year-old Brian is more connected, and a great leader in the community.  

    What is your number one travel destination?
    I would absolutely love to visit England. The old style and building designs are absolutely fascinating and beautiful!

    Recommend another CSAE aspiring leader to be featured.
    Stefani Derek.

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