• Leverage the Power of the CSAE Group

    CSAE Insurance Services has been able to create exclusive insurance programs for its members s by leveraging the buying power of approximately 3,000 members representing almost 600 associations. There are savings buying insurance bulk! The value of securing your association through one of CSAE’s partners, extends far beyond mere cost-effectiveness; it establishes a foundation for robust, specialized support that is dedicated to the success and security of your association.

    Coverages to Protect All Your Organization’s Insurance Needs

    Protect yourself and your organization from liability arising from your association’s operations with CSAE’s exclusive Commercial Insurance program.

    As our dedicated partner in specialized insurance solutions for associations and groups, IPMGA Insurance offers coverages to protect all your organization’s insurance needs, including:

    • Commercial Office Package Insurance
    • Directors & Officers Liability Insurance
    • Errors & Omissions Liability
    • Event Liability Coverage
    • Cyber Insurance

    Receive a complimentary comprehensive review of your insurance portfolio from one of IPMGA’s knowledgeable experts today! Email us; service@csaeinsurance.com or Book an Appointment for a complimentary review of your current coverage plan. 

    Employee Benefits

    Associations represented by CSAE members also enjoy exclusive rates on a Group Employee Benefits Program. HUB International, Canada’s largest human resources consulting and technology firm, stands out as the sole entity adopting an integrated strategy for employee assistance, health, benefits, and retirement services. With a longstanding 50-year partnership, HUB has a deep understanding of the distinctive needs of CSAE members and employees of associations.

    Adding Value to Your Membership and Increase Non-Dues Revenues – Affinity Program Advisory

    While membership dues remain a primary revenue source, there’s an opportunity to explore alternative strategies for additional income. One effective avenue is through insurance affinity programs, offering a consistent non-dues revenue stream while delivering substantial value and savings to members across various insurance categories such as home, automobile, commercial, life, and extended health benefits.

    The experts at Dion Strategic Consulting Group can help you navigate the affinity insurance market and ensure your association maximizes non-dues revenues on affinity programs. This market is highly competitive and constantly changing. It is essential for your association to have transparency on the financial incentives offered by your insurance provider and guarantee your members receive the best products and services. Dion Strategic can complete a review and benchmarking of your program to make sure your association can achieve its goals.

    As a benefit of being a CSAE member, Dion Strategic will provide a complimentary review of any affinity program to make sure your provider is adding value to your membership.

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