• The principal responsibility of the membership advisory group is to support the growth of a vibrant, diverse membership at CSAE. It will focus on exploring and recommending inclusive and innovative member recruitment and retention practices, to enhance the member experience and promote association growth.


    All members, in good standing, are eligible to apply.

    Terms of Reference

    Click here to view the membership advisory group terms of reference.

    How to Apply (applications closed)

    CSAE is endeavouring to improve its processes to remove barriers to applicants and increase inclusion and accessibility. With this in view, the following changes are being piloted as part of the application process this year:

    • There are multiple format options available for applying. Applicants can provide submissions in writing, via audio or video recording. Those who prefer to have support completing the application may reach out to CSAE for direct assistance.
    • The concept of “experience” relative to the needs of the committee are being expanded, to better consider the value of an applicant’s lived experience.

    These changes are a work in progress. They will be evaluated and future adjustments may be made with an eye to continuous improvement.

    Process for membership advisory group applicants: Complete the application form.

    If you would like to submit a video recording instead of filling out the application form, please reach out to steven@csae.com.

    Deadline: Submissions must be received by CSAE by 5 pm EDT, on July 31, 2023.

    CAE® Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    Credit is granted for community leadership and volunteerism. Serving on a Board/committee /task force with a not-for-profit, professional/trade association or charity. Must be outside of normal job responsibilities. Based on actual time contributed (not to exceed 12 hours per two-year reporting period), learn more.

    Learn More

    If you have any questions regarding these positions and the application process, if you want to send in a video recording instead of filling out a form or if you require any assistance, please reach out to steven@csae.com.

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