• The Member Acquisition System That Works 24/7 (So You Don’t Have To)

    What is your membership growth strategy? 

    Many associations are using a patchwork of different tools to bring on new members. The real question is: Are you spending your time, money and resources in the right place? We see many associations focusing on strategy when the real culprit is inefficient systems.

    Our new member acquisition system (MAS) keeps all your member growth tools in one place—and integrates with your CRM. Now, it’s easy to flag potential new members, identify high-impact website features and messaging, and get key metrics on demand. 

    Read on to learn how our four-step, data-driven member acquisition system (MAS) can help you gain new members with minimal effort at a low cost.  

    1. Grab Attention with Lead Magnets

    When a potential member visits your website, the clock starts ticking. 

    Research shows that users stay on a webpage for less than 60 seconds.  How can you keep them on your webpage for longer? Pop-up messages that say the user can get something for free (a lead magnet) by sharing their contact information are extremely effective. 

    They’re impossible to ignore. And most people are willing to take a few seconds to fill out a short form with their name and email address to get a free ebook, white paper, etc. 

    2. Increase Conversion Rates with Rigorous A/B Testing

    A/B Testing (comparing two different versions of a webpage to see which performs better with your audience) is a key part of data-driven improvement. What may seem like small details to you, can have big impacts on your potential members. 

    When working with the Retired Teachers of Ontario (RTOERO) to build website pop-up messages, we tested a variety of factors including time (how long a user has to be on a webpage before they see a pop-up message) and format (paragraph style vs. paragraph with bullet points). Rigorous testing revealed that the sweet spot was 20 seconds for the pop-up message to appear, and bullet points were preferred. 

    By understanding which web pages are doing well and which aren’t, RTOERO can direct funds and resources to proven strategies, supported by fulsome data and metrics. The result? RTOERO now boasts a 44 per cent conversion rate.

    3. Gain Trust with Tailored Funnels

    Like any relationship, it takes time to earn trust. Potential new members may visit your website a number of times before they decide to take the plunge and join.  

    Taking them through this customer journey (referred to as a marketing funnel) provides plenty of opportunities to show potential members that you understand their problems, and know how to solve them. This could include continuing education, advocacy, industry networking, mentorship and more.

    As trust grows, so does their commitment. 

    If they keep returning to your website to continue their journey, that means they are gaining value from your website content. This will keep them coming back for more, and further engaging with your association.

    4. Build Relationships by Getting to Know Your Website Visitors

    Every website visit is an opportunity to learn more about the user, and what strategies may work best to bring them aboard. 

    But asking for too much too soon can create a negative experience. 

    When working with a national healthcare association to boost their falling membership numbers, we used lead magnet offers (e.g. one-pager on 5 Reasons Why Members Should Join Our New Community of Practice) to effectively grab their attention. 

    We implemented progressive profiling to draw them in gently. To get the lead magnet offer, they first see a form that only asks for their name and email address. But the second screen asks for more information. Had we asked for this detailed information right away, some users would have felt pressured and moved to another webpage or exited the website entirely. 

    You may work nine to five. But members expect service 24 hours a day. Our member acquisition system (MAS) works 24/7, providing data-driven insights that save time, grow your membership and tell you where to best spend your digital marketing dollars.  

    Our member acquisition system will help your association: 

    1. Spend your digital marketing budget where it really counts
    2. Easily identify and engage potential new members
    3. Effectively boost your member conversion rate 

    Our Member Acquisition System (MAS) is just one of the offerings in 108’s unique Association@digital product. Book a call with us today to learn more, or stop by Booth #48 at the CSAE 2022 Reunite Conference this October to say hi!

    Want to learn more about our MAS? Join us on October 27, 1 PM EST for the webinar “Four steps to Member Acquisition”. Register HERE

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