• Digital Audit Program: Unlocking Audience Engagement for Associations

    “I’m trying to free your mind, Neo. But I can only show you the door.”

    In the contemporary years after the internet boom, many associations struggle with ongoing innovation and the need for constant adaptation. They’re not alone. Based on MCI’s Digital Audit Program findings, 64% of associations and non-profit organizations (NPOs) can’t define their own priorities. According to a study by NetChange that included both Canadian and non-Canadian non-profits, less than 11% think they have effective online advocacy. These numbers directly weaken the mission of these organizations, making them less attractive to actual and emerging industry leaders.

    Recent global disruptions have highlighted the urgent need for associations and NPOS to establish a robust and customer-centric online presence. According to a 2020 Facebook Groups research, supported by a fifteen-country survey of 15,000 people in paid and non-paid communities, 91% of individuals using the tool actively provided support to others, and 98% experienced a sense of belonging through their participation in these groups. Marketers increasingly turned to localized engagement channels, leading to a remarkable 73% rise in customer engagement and a subsequent boost in revenue.

    These trends show the growing importance of leveraging online platforms and community-driven approaches to foster meaningful connections with audiences for associations and NPOs. Yet, countless solutions promising to restore past engagement levels within associations are met with lacklustre results. Evidence shows a lack of stakeholder engagement fed by lower results on social media, difficulties in distributing content, understanding, and visualizing data from members.

    Digital Audit Program for Associations

    By recognizing the importance of effective online interactions and consistently delivering impactful content, organizations can enhance audience engagement and deepen relationships with their communities by assessing their own data. Tailored to facilitate this process of self-reflection, the Digital Audit Program (DAP) developed by MCI fosters an engaging journey toward digital transformation.

    “It’s something we’ve been working on for over a year,” said Juliano Lissoni, managing director for MCI. “We’re witnessing associations take a quantum leap in the way they advocate, offer services, and utilize their own data to feed AI and machine learning after implementing DAP.”

    Starting with a thorough exploration of an association’s digital footprint, encompassing websites, social media channels, and email marketing campaigns, the final step delivers a comprehensive report on the current digital assets, performance, and sales, while also peering into the future.

    Powered by AI and four decades of exclusive first-party data, MCI’s Digital Audit Program becomes your trusty companion on the exciting journey into the future of associations. It streamlines operations, helping organizations attract fresh members, and fuel the growth of sponsorship sales.

    Benefits of the Digital Audit Program

    Customized and Dynamic Approach

    DAP’s innovative approach involves a dynamic and tailored model for digital transformation, leveraging data and experience to adapt to the association’s specific needs. Utilizing AI and data analytics, the results of the Digital Audit Program offer precise guidance, optimize resource allocation and align perfectly with strategic goals.

    Stakeholder Engagement and Security Assurance

    DAP ensures an engaging process that includes all stakeholders, creating an inspiring journey towards digital transformation. It upholds stringent data protection standards, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA), and The Artificial Intelligence and Data Act (AIDA), ensuring secure and compliant digital practices.

    Embracing Innovation and Proven Success

    DAP has incorporated new technologies such as hybrid communities and Web3 into its framework. Our successful collaborations with organizations like the Canadian Wood Council and IAPCO demonstrate the effectiveness of DAP in facilitating your next digital transformation journey.

    Digital Audit Program Success Story

    In Q1 2023, the Canadian Wood Council (CWC), committed to promoting the use of wood in construction, had its digital presence evaluated by MCI’s Digital Audit Plan (DAP). This process took into account the CWC’s institutional goals, brand positioning, value proposition, and key ecosystem players.

    The DAP’s results were substantial. Six of CWC’s social media channels were rebranded and activated, thirteen audience segments were analyzed for targeted content, and ten digital videos were curated. An Omnichannel campaign was also initiated, incorporating social media, email marketing, paid advertising, webinars, and digital PR. This campaign produced 30 days of press coverage, accruing 4.16 million organic views and an advertising value equivalence (AVE) of $1,538,589. The DAP successfully amplified CWC’s digital footprint and market reach.

    Continuous investments are driving down costs to execute the Digital Audit Program for associations, making it more accessible to a greater number of organizations looking to make a significant impact.

    The Digital Audit Program for associations is offered by MCI on a complimentary basis, free of charge, to qualified organizations. Check if you qualify today.

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