• Participate! Lab on Participant-Driven and Participation-Rich Meetings

    Hosted by CSAE Manitoba, this one-hour Participate! Lab will introduce you to the design of participation-rich events through direct experience of participatory meeting techniques and formats. All are welcome to this event at no charge (both members and non-members).


    Wednesday, May 11, 2022 — 2:00pm CDT

    What We Will Talk About

    We’ve known for a long time that lectures are terrible ways to learn. Today’s attendees are no longer satisfied sitting and listening to people talking at them. If you want to hold meetings where effective learning, connection, and engagement take place, you need to build in authentic and relevant participation.

    Our short time together will include:
    • Why creating participation-rich meetings is so important.
    • Human spectrograms: a simple tool for learning about other participants.
    • The Conference Arc: building connection while uncovering wants, needs, and resources, creating the right program, consolidating learning, facilitating individual and community growth.
    • Ask Adrian Anything: using a fishbowl sandwich to facilitate group discussion on meeting design and facilitation.

    About the Facilitator

    Adrian Segar – Founder, Conferences That Work

    Adrian has convened, designed, and facilitated hundreds of meetings over the last forty years. He specializes in participant-driven and participation-rich events that become what attendees actually want and need. Adrian is the author of three books on meeting design, and runs conferencesthatwork.com, the world’s most popular website on meeting design and facilitation. A presenter at just about every major meeting industry conference, he leads workshops on creating truly effective meetings that people love.

    Adrian’s mission is to improve meetings at a core level — what happens at the event — by designing and facilitating process that creates connection around appropriate and needed content in the sessions not just in the hallways. His books, designs, twelve years of weekly blog posts, and highly interactive workshops have influenced thousands of meetings and meeting designers worldwide to build meaningful interaction and connection, and effective learning into their events.