• CAE Program: Introducing Restructured Learning Pathway

    CSAE is introducing a restructured learning pathway for the CAE designation.

    The restructured program will launch on April 15, and is organized around the five competencies for association executives. It comes in response to feedback from hundreds of CAE students about what they valued about the existing program and how it could be improved.

    The redesigned program’s five courses – each on one of the five competencies – can be taken in any order, followed by a capstone project to achieve the CAE designation. Students achieve a micro-credential with each course they complete.

    The restructured program draws on content and insights from association executives and was developed under the guidance of the CAE Task force members and the CAE Advisory Group members with a view to meeting the needs of association leaders in a rapidly changing and competitive environment. In keeping with CSAE’s commitment to continuous improvement, the program includes more variety in the supporting materials, assignments and case studies and new video content from experienced CAEs, and was designed with adult learning principles in mind.

    The first course under the restructured program, Optimize Governance, will launch on April 15, 2024. The remaining courses will launch between September 2024 and September 2025. The original program will be phased out starting this year. The final intake for CAE 100 will be in the Fall of 2024, with the last final exam being offered in August of 2027.

    The CAE designation is the pinnacle of achievement for association executives. Whether attained via the original program or the restructured program, the CAE designation signals that the holder possesses the critical transferable skills and sector-specific knowledge necessary to effectively lead an association.

    If you’re considering taking this next step in your career, please reach out to Eve, the CAE program manager, or visit our website.

    Students in the original program can get answers to their questions by visiting this page, or reaching out to Eve.

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