Learner’s Digest: April 2021

Insight comes to us in a lot of different ways: formal learning such as courses and workshops, informal but illuminating chats, overheard conversations, podcasts, television shows, random Buzzfeed articles. There is no shortage of options when we’re problem solving. Keeping our minds open to new ways of thinking and understanding is a critical part of leadership. That’s why you have access through CSAE to a variety of learning formats – from virtual webinars, to our podcast, to the CSAE blog, and, of course, Associations Connect, where rich conversation yields insight and learning. We do, after all, achieve more together! On that note, CSAE networks offer excellent opportunities to dig into various aspects of association leadership. Don’t be shy and join a conversation happening anywhere in the country.

I’ve been walking less these days – I blame pandemic fatigue – which means I’m not listening to as many podcasts as usual. CSAE has just introduced a walking challenge, so I’m out of excuses! I’m going to get moving and back into podcasts, starting with those listed in the CSAE blog below.

Let’s keep learning together!

Danielle Lamothe
Vice President, Learning and Innovation
Current Calendar of Learning Opportunities

The 4 Strategic Plans Your Association Needs to Survive and Thrive in 2021 and Beyond
May 6 – 2:00 pm EDT

How will your association handle the uncertainty of operating in 2021 and beyond? From strategic planning and increasing member engagement to streamlining technologies and growing your continuing education revenue, adapting to uncertainty is our new norm. Presented by CSAE Partner, Vocalmeet, this event features an expert panel that will dive into these issues to help you achieve success. Click here to register!

CSAE Trillium Feel Good Friday
May 7 – 1:00 pm EDT
Join Gerald Bramm, President of Bramm Research, for the next Feel Good Friday session, where we will unpack how to better engage members in a virtual world and brainstorm about defining your organization’s unique member value proposition. Both members and non-members across Canada are welcome at no charge. Register here.

CSAE BC Executive Roundtable
May 12 – 11:00 am PDT
Join Terry J. Clark, CAE, Founder and President of Real Board Solutions, to talk about virtual strategic planning. Members and non-members across Canada are welcome at no charge. Register here.

Keeping Pace With Technology: 5 Tactics To Evaluate Where You Stand and Where You Need To Go 
May 12 – 1:00 pm EDT 
Join Ashley Janssen of Code and Effect to evaluate where your organization stands today and where it needs to go in the future. Learn five simple but powerful tactics to ensure your technologies are aligned with your strategic goals. If they’re not, find out how you can get on track. Register here! 

CSAE Atlantic Meet & Mingle
May 18 – 10:00 am ADT
Join Tom Abbott, Managing Director at AMC NPO Solutions to talk about governance and strategic planning. Members and non-members across Canada are welcome at no charge. Register here.

CSAE Ottawa-Gatineau CEO Roundtable
May 19 – 12:00 pm EDT
Senior executives across Canada are invited to share your expertise while you learn new tips and techniques from other association leaders. Come prepared to discuss value proposition. Register here for this exclusive, no-charge event.

CSAE Alberta Chat & Cheers
May 20 – 4:00 pm MDT
This session will provide a safe and supportive space for all participants to explore Land Acknowledgement and its relationship with Truth and Reconciliation. Join Alli Marshall, Founder and Principal Consultant at Strix Insights, to exchange ideas, resources and learn together. Members and non-members across Canada are welcome at no charge. Register here.

Let’s Talk: Exploring Your Data  
May 20 – 2:00 pm EDT 
Being a data-driven organization is a critical component of being a member-centric organization. But once you have outlined the steps you need to take to build a data culture, you’ll need to identify the data you want to track. What are the right metrics to capture? In part two of this three-part webinar series, we’re talking about exploring your data. Join Higher Logic, Wicket, and CSAE for a live panel discussion that will explore: 
· Why you should avoid vanity metrics 
· How to define metrics, like lapsed members 
· Tips to automate and save time 
Members and non-members are welcome at no charge! Click here to sign up now! 
What’s Brewing Ottawa-Gatineau!
May 25 – 12:00 pm EDT
Join us for an insightful and forward-looking information and networking session with the CSAE Ottawa Gatineau Council. This special edition of What’s Brewing Ottawa-Gatineau! will be interactive, as we form plans for our post-COVID 19 future– with your input. Members and non-members across Canada are welcome at no charge. Register here.

Diversifying Your Revenue Streams: A Panel Discussion 
May 26 – 1:00 pm EDT 

Join us for a dynamic conversation about non-dues revenue. Hear from a panel of experts on ways to diversify your revenue streams. Then, share your ideas and experiences with peers in topic-focused breakout groups exploring sponsorships/partnerships, government funding, advertising, education and more! This event is free to CSAE members, $50 for non-members. Register here! 
Thanks to our event sponsor: 

CSAE Trillium: A Conversation on Cyber Security 
June 4, 2021 – 1:00 pm EDT 
Vulnerability to cyber attacks increased in 2020 following the transition to remote work. Associations need to get ahead of the trend for 2021 – so what’s next? MNP’s Cyber Security Leader, Eugene Ng, provides insight on the development of cyber threats, artificial intelligence and solutions for associations to consider. This event is free for CSAE members and $50 for non-members. Click here to register!
Other Opportunities to Connect & Learn

Talk Tuesdays (CSAE Member Exclusive)
May 4 & 18 – 2:00 pm EDT
Join Tracy Folkes Hanson, CSAE’s president and CEO, and your association colleagues from across the country to discuss challenges and opportunities specific to the not-for-profit sector. All CSAE members are welcome at these no-charge chats! Learn more & join here>>

May New Member Orientation
May 6 – 1:00 pm EDT
New to CSAE? Learn how to get the most from your membership at our next virtual orientation session and connect with fellow members too! Register here for the free session – the access code is your member ID. Unable to attend on May 6? Contact janice@csae.com for information on future sessions.
Essential Reading

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5 Reasons Your Association Should Partner With Third-Party Vendors
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How do you ensure a positive and rewarding user experience with your new website? Ian Bone of Inorbital discusses the five biggest myths relating to so-called “good” web design and how processes have changed and improved over the last few years.

There’s much more to explore on the CSAE Blog. Click here for articles organized by the key competencies of governance, organizational direction, leading people, operations and value to membership.
Bookstore Selection

The Guide to Better Meetings for Directors of Non-Profit Organizations

Unproductive meetings are a waste of time and resources. Make the most of your volunteer’s valuable time by learning how to enhance and improve your meetings. Author Eli Mina shares simple, straightforward insights that can help you maximize your next meeting. Visit the CSAE Bookstore for more information and to purchase.

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