CSAE Awards and Recognition

The CSAE Awards and Recognition Program recognizes the best and brightest in Canadian association management, from outstanding teams to individual luminaries. Whether your association is large, small, long-established or just starting up, CSAE Awards and Recognition celebrate your successes on the national scale. Show your employees how much you value their work, creativity and success; submit to the CSAE Awards and Recognition program!

Submissions will be accepted from July 15 until August 15, 2020.

CSAE Awards of Distinction

The CSAE Awards of Distinction are based upon the core competencies of the CAE® program and honour outstanding achievement in association leadership, structure and governance; and/or the planning and execution of internal, external and integrated programs that serve your members and/or engage external stakeholders and volunteers.

Leadership Awards (for individuals)

Each year, CSAE is proud to recognize and honour those individuals and organizations who have demonstrated significant accomplishments, exemplary leadership and tireless commitment to Canada’s association community. We invite you to join us in celebrating the contributions made by your associates and fellow professionals.

Honorary Award of Excellence

The Honorary Award of Excellence is CSAE’s most significant award and recognizes a member’s sustained commitment and outstanding volunteer contribution to CSAE and thus to the association sector at large.

Pinnacle Award (Executive Member)

The Pinnacle Award recognizes exceptional and outstanding leadership in the association sector. This award honours those who have contributed to their own associations and to the not-for-profit sector at large.

Griner Award (Business Member)

The Griner Award recognizes the exceptional and outstanding contributions that CSAE business members make to CSAE and to the association management profession at large.

Donna Mary Shaw Award for Emerging Leaders

The Donna Mary Shaw Award for Emerging Leaders recognizes emerging not-for-profit professionals. This award helps to develop tomorrow’s association leaders by providing resources, education, and mentorship. 

Individual Awards – By Application Only

Long-Term Service Award

The Canadian Society of Association Executives recognizes those individuals who have been members of the Society for a period of twenty (20) years or more. Recipients receive a pin and certificate noting their years of support. (This Award was presented for the first time at the 2002 CSAE National Conference & Showcase.)

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