• Recipients of this award are accomplished leaders who have demonstrated their commitment to the associations for which they’ve worked as well as to the broader association sector.

    Eligibility Criteria

    • Nominee:
      • Have been a CSAE voting member for at least five years and be a current CSAE member
      • Have been employed as full-time association staff for at least five years and within the past 12 months
      • Have demonstrated leadership qualities within their own association(s) over the past five years or more
      • Have contributed to other voluntary organizations and the not-for-profit community-at-large
      • Have contributed as a volunteer for CSAE at the local and/or national levels
    • Self-nominations are ineligible
    • Current Awards and Recognition Committee members are ineligible

    Submission Requirements

    • Nominee information
    • Nominee’s Record of Achievements
    • Current CV for nominee/ Link to LinkedIn Profile
    • Two letters of Support/Testimonials (letters must not be from the nominator)
    • Narrative (250-500 words) explaining why the nominee is deserving of this Award

    How to Submit an Application

    CAE® Continuous Professional Development (CPD): Credit is granted to the nominator for a complete award’s application. Individual Awards (i.e., Leadership, Ottawa-Gatineau, and Trillium)
    Based on 0.5 hour per complete award nomination (maximum 2 hours per two-year reporting period).

    Past Recipients

    2022 – Lori Prospero, CAE
    2021 – Guy Legault, CAE
    2019 – Lia Daborn, CAE
    2017 – Patrick Culhane, CAE
    2016 – Jack W. Davidson, CAE
    2015 – Colleen MacDougall, CAE
    2014 – Michel G. Tremblay, CAE
    2010 – H. James Duncan
    2009 – Signe Holstein, CAE
    2007 – Edward Barisa, CAE
    2006 – John Hoyles
    2005 – John Gustavson
    2003 – Patrick D. Darrah
    2002 – Diane J. Brisebois, CAE
    2001 – Denise Turenne
    1999 – Dave Mikkelesen, CAE
    1997 – William (Bill) C. Easton, CAE
    1996 – Dean H. Wilson, CAE
    1995 – E. R. (Ron) Evason
    1994 – Donna Mary Shaw
    1993 – John C. Gillies, CAE
    1992 – Kenneth R. Graydon
    1991 – H. Clifford Chadderton, CAE
    1990 – Ghislain M. Dufour
    1989 – Thomas M. Ross
    1988 – Alasdair John McKichan
    1986 – John A. Long, CAE
    1985 – J.F. (Jack) McCracken

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