• In honour of the late Donna Mary Shaw, who was dedicated to advancing association management and the mentoring of youth, this award assists emerging professionals wishing to pursue careers in the not-for-profit sector.

    Up to six individuals may win in any given year*:

    • Two from British Columbia, Yukon, Nunavut, Northwest Territories, Alberta, Saskatchewan and/or Manitoba
    • Two from Ontario
    • Two from Québec and/or Atlantic Canada

    *Please note that prize distribution is determined by Statistics Canada’s latest estimated population size.

    CSAE members may nominate any promising emerging non-profit employee from within their professional network. As the nominator, you commit to mentoring the young professional for a period of one year while CSAE will support the award recipient with professional development and networking opportunities.

    Donna Mary Shaw Award recipients receive any two of the following:

    • CSAE Membership
    • CAE Course
    • A registration for a CSAE event/seminar
    • One registration to the CSAE Conference and Showcase

    (Prizes can be claimed up to 12 months following receipt of the award.)

    Eligibility Criteria

    Nominator must:

    • Be an active CSAE Executive or Business Member and maintain CSAE membership during the year the award recipient receives their prizes
    • Submit no more than one nomination per year
    • Commit to providing the recipient with mentorship throughout the year

    Nominee must:

    • Be employed in a full-time capacity within the not-for-profit sector
    • Have worked in the not-for-profit sector for a minimum of one year and no longer than 5 years
    • Maintain their non-profit employment status in the year following their award in order to claim their prizes
    • Self-nominations are ineligible
    • Current Awards and Recognition Committee members are ineligible

    Submission Requirements

    • Nominee information
    • Current CV for nominee/ Link to LinkedIn profile
    • Narrative (200 words) explaining why the nominee is deserving of this Award
    • Mentoring Plan – outline of the steps planned to provide mentoring for this individual during the course of the year.

    How to Submit an Application

    CAE® Continuous Professional Development (CPD): Credit is granted to the nominator for a complete award’s application. Individual Awards (i.e., Leadership, Ottawa-Gatineau, and Trillium)
    Based on 0.5 hour per complete award nomination (maximum 2 hours per two-year reporting period).

    Past Recipients

    2022 – Laura Korneluk, CAE, Amy Mosquera, Lindsay Murray, Lauren Nicholson
    2021 – Akosua Alagaratnam, Heidi Loney
    2019 – Svitlana Nechyporenko, Jamie Ricci
    2018 – Nzinga Brown, Emily Banzet 
    2017 – Sarah McIntosh, Urvashi Ramsoondar
    2016 – Courtney Thack, Julia Chehaiber
    2014 – Maddy Marchildon, Natalie Wallace
    2013 – Jessica Bedford 
    2012 – Nicole Maurice, Maria Galati 
    2011 – Cayla Ireland 
    2010 – Kenny Chan
    2009 – Silvia Eliçagaray, Sarah Vaughan, Karin Hedetniemi, Paul Jones Mubanga
    2008 – Jasmin Lidington
    2007 – Christiane Dowsing
    2005 – Kelly Allbright, Sheila Lennon 
    2004 – Sandy Leske, Hélène Samson
    2003 – Jeffrey Hanlan; Dawn Kelly; Carol S. Law; Wendy Skinner

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