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    Si votre organisation recherche un investissement pour votre plan de marketing immédiat ou à long terme et souhaite développer une forte notoriété auprès des leaders de l’industrie de la gestion associative, nous vous invitons à devenir un commanditaire de la CSAE BC.

    Pour plus d’informations sur notre programme de parrainage et les opportunités, veuillez cliquez ici et / ou nous serons heureux de discuter avec vous. Veuillez contacter notre bureau du BC Network à bc@csae.com ou appelez le 604.385.3396.

    Plan annuel de la SCDA de la Colombie-Britannique

    Le Comité du réseau de la SCDA de la Colombie-Britannique se réunit chaque année pour élaborer et établir un plan annuel, qui identifie nos programmes et événements éducatifs, nos événements spéciaux et nos activités pour les membres pour le prochain cycle de 12 mois. Notre plan est en collaboration avec le bureau central de la SCDA pour assurer l’alignement et identifie également nos objectifs et priorités stratégiques :

    • Renforcer le profil et la réputation de la marque CSAE;
    • Bâtir une communauté engagée de membres et d’intervenants;
    • Améliorer l’apprentissage et l’innovation; et
    • Fonctionner comme une organisation bien gouvernée, transparente et avec une longueur d’avance.

    Nos initiatives sont conçues pour offrir une expérience de membre pertinente et axée sur la valeur.


    BC Lobbying Legislation Change
    Christi Howes, Senior Communications Officer
    Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for BC
    Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists for BC

    On May 4, 2020, the current Lobbyists Registration Act will be changing to the Lobbyists Transparency Act (LTA). Under the new legislation, not-for-profit organizations whose primary purpose is to represent the interests of their members will now have to register any and all lobbying related to their members’ interests. In addition, the elimination of the threshold for lobbying registration (except in very limited cases) will require significantly more groups to register than have had to in the past.

    Most not-for-profit organizations and societies that communicate with BC public office holders in an attempt to influence government decisions will likely soon be required to register in the Lobbyists Registry. In an effort to inform organizations of the upcoming changes, the Office of the Registrar of Lobbyists (ORL) is actively engaged in an education campaign to provide information on what the changes will mean for associations, organizations, and lobbyists in BC who have not previously had to register with us.

    Included below the ORL’s February issue of Influencing BC, an online journal we publish for lobbyists with updates and news about the Lobbyists Transparency Act (LTA). Please share and distribute this information with your colleagues and members, if relevant, and if folks would like to be added to the Influencing BC distribution list, they can email info@bcorl.ca and it will be added to our list.

    Also, recently posted was the new LTA guidance documents and a FAQ section on our website to help people better understand the new legislation. If this information is of interest to your members, I encourage them to explore the resources we have on our website and to attend one of our information sessions this April.

    We will offer two public information sessions, one in Vancouver on April 2, 2020, and one in Victoria on April 23, 2020. For those unable to attend the sessions in person, we will host a webcast on April 3, 2020. Additional details and to register for these free public information sessions, can be found on the Upcoming Events page of the ORL’s website.



    February 2020, Volume 10, Issue 1


    Registrar’s Message

    What can lobbyists do now to prepare for the new legislation & Registry?

    2019/20 Investigation and Reconsideration Reports

    Who’s Lobbying Who


    On May 4, 2020, the title of the Lobbyists Registration Act will change to the Lobbyists Transparency Act, or LTA, as the sections of the Lobbyists Registration Amendment Act, 2018, that have not yet come into force take effect. The changes will affect all lobbyists, and with the elimination of the 100-hour threshold we anticipate many organizations may have to register even if they have not had to do so in the past.

    In anticipation of the coming into force of the LTA, we continue our efforts to ensure the new online Lobbyists Registry will be ready to launch on May 4, 2020. In addition, we have begun a three-month educational campaign to help ensure lobbyists, organizations, and the general public understand the changes to the Act, the regulations, and the Lobbyists Registry.

    This week, we posted new guidance documents and an FAQ section on our website to assist with understanding the LTA. Updates to our website will occur over the next several months including additional LTA guidance documents, information, and support materials as we approach the launch of the new Lobbyists Registry on May 4.

    In April, I am also co-hosting two public information sessions, one in Vancouver on April 2, 2020, and one in Victoria on April 23, 2020. For those unable to attend the sessions in person, I will also host a webcast on April 3, 2020. For webcast login details and to register for any of these free public information sessions, please go to the Upcoming Events page on the ORL website.

    We are committed to making it as easy as possible for lobbyists to understand and comply with the new Act. Please don’t hesitate to contact my team at info@bcorl.ca with questions or comments.

    Michael McEvoy, Registrar of Lobbyists for British Columbia


    What can lobbyists do now to prepare for the new legislation and the new Lobbyists Registry?

    To prepare for the new legislation, please review the new LTA guidance documents and information on the ORL website. In addition, you may want to attend one of the free public information sessions being offered in April in Vancouver and Victoria, or the webinar. Event details and registration is available on the ORL’s Upcoming Events webpage.

    Much of the information in your existing registrations will be carried over into the new Lobbyists Registry. The current Registry will be taken offline on April 30, 2020, and the new Lobbyists Registry will be activated on May 4, 2020.

    To prepare for the change over to the new system, between now and April 30, 2020, please ensure your existing information in the Lobbyists Registry is accurate and up to date. In particular, please check:

    1. Have you named the correct person as the Designated Filer for your organization?

    The Designated Filer for an organization must be the most senior officer of the organization who receives payment for performing his or her functions, even if that person is not lobbying.

    If there is no senior officer who receives payment, the Designated Filer is the most senior in-house lobbyist.

    Note: If your organization is a national or international organization, as of May 4, 2020, we will no longer accept the most senior officer in BC as the Designated Filer.

    For example, if the CEO and all executives of a national company are based in Calgary, and the only company personnel in BC are lobbyists and support staff, the Designated Filer would be the CEO in Calgary, if that person receives payment for performing his or her functions.

    In another example, a company based in the United States begins lobbying activities in BC. All of the executives are based in Nevada. The company hires a lobbyist in BC to arrange meetings about proposals in BC. The Designated Filer in this scenario would be the most senior officer of the United States organization who receives payment for performing his or her functions.

    If that United States company subsequently incorporates a Canadian subsidiary and appoints a CEO of the Canadian subsidiary, and the lobbying activities are carried out on behalf of the Canadian subsidiary, then the Canadian subsidiary would file its own (new) registration as an organization carrying on lobbying activities in BC, and the CEO of the Canadian subsidiary would be the Designated Filer in that registration.

    The two key questions to ask to determine the Designated Filer are:

    a) Which organization is actually carrying on lobbying activities in BC?

    b) Who is the most senior paid officer of that organization?

    1. Did you enter the full legal name of your organization or client company?

    · To see the full legal name of companies registered in BC search here: https://www.bconline.gov.bc.ca/.

    · To see the full legal name of companies registered in other provinces search here: https://beta.canadasbusinessregistries.ca/search

    · To see the full name of federally-registered companies search here: https://www.ic.gc.ca/app/scr/cc/CorporationsCanada/fdrlCrpSrch.html

    1. Does your organization or client company have a parent company? If so, you will need to enter the full legal name and contact information of the parent company in the registration.
    2. Has the client company or organization received government funding from any level of government? If so, ensure the amount and the name of the funding agency and program is correct.

    If changes are required, please log into the Lobbyists Registry justice.gov.bc.ca/lra/, update your existing registration, certify, and submit, so we can review and accept the changes prior to April 30, 2020. Reviewing your registration information now will make for an easier transition to the new Lobbyists Transparency Act when it comes into effect May 4, 2020.


    Investigation and reconsideration reports

    The ORL has the authority to investigate alleged lobbyist contraventions such as neglecting to register, failing to register, or reporting Registration Returns inaccurately or late. ORL investigators review the circumstances of each case, examine the evidence, and if the contravention is substantiated, levy an administrative penalty. Our Investigation and Reconsiderations Reports can be viewed on our website here.

    Who’s Lobbying Who: January 2020

    Who’s lobbying Who is a monthly summary of lobbying activities that in-house lobbyists for organizations and consultant lobbyists have carried out or expect to carry out in BC. Each edition contains all new registrations submitted and activated during that particular month. View Who’s Lobbying Who on the ORL website under Publications.



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