CSAE Manitoba Coffee & Conversation

Join the free virtual networking events hosted each month by local CSAE Network Councils and take part in facilitated conversation about a current topic relevant to association professionals. All are welcome to this event at no charge (both members and non-members).


Wednesday, March 24, 2021 at 2:00 – 3:00 PM CST

What We Will Talk About

The Future of Association Events

During COVID, Associations had to pivot or risk losing their members to digital alternatives or just losing their members all together. The question is – did you pivot for the short term (an event or two) or for the long-term change in member behavior?

87% of companies think digital will disrupt their industry, but only 44% are prepared for a digital disruption (Silicone Republic). This digital disruption was accelerated over the pandemic; with the shift to working from home and the complete shutdown of in-person events.

This presentation explores lessons learned from our work with associations over our 12 years in business but with emphasis on the changes accelerated in this last year, and how associations can apply those lessons to their virtual, hybrid and digital engagement strategies in 2021 and beyond. These lessons helped our association partners successfully pivot to digital transformation, providing member experiences that improve recruitment, retention and revenue – immediately but also for the future!

Industry thought leader and President of WorkerBee.TV, Dan Stevens, will share insights on the future of virtual and hybrid events – with real life examples from 5 peer associations. These lessons include:

1. Virtual Events Work! – Why digital solutions are here to stay.

2. Blending In-Person, Live Online, and On-Demand is the Future. – Cost effective hybrid models that work for members, sponsors, exhibitors, staff and make your event profitable.

3. Why Your Website Needs to become the Hub. – Yes, your website should be the one stop shop for all digital engagement.

4. Member Value is the Guiding Light. – Understanding how your members engage with content is key to your association’s success.

5. Digital Transformation Requires Cross Department Collaboration. – Members don’t care about departments – they care about experience! Collaboration makes this happen.

Audiences will learn how 5 associations of various sizes have transformed and improved their ability to inform, educate and inspire their membership.


Dan Stevens

Dan has over 30-years of association experience and takes pride in driving the industry forward. Dan’s first experience in the association world started in 1991 when he launched a chapter for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization (EO). Dan has served on EO’s International Board of Directors in various positions, including International Chairman in 1996-1997. Today, EO is a global association of over 13,000 entrepreneurs.

As an entrepreneur, family man and association member, Dan has first-hand experience in growing organizations and leveraging the power of technology to enable growth in a strategic and sustainable manner. Dan is the Founder and President of WorkerBee.TV, Inc., an online platform and multimedia services organization that has developed strategic models specific to the needs of associations. WorkerBee.TV’s flagship platform and service offering – Association TV® – empowers associations to inform, educate and inspire their members and prospects.

Not only is Dan a thought leader and sought-after speaker on topics such as digital disruption, multimedia, and the evolution of the association sector, he is also a published author. The book, Moving your Association from Analog to Digital, A CEOs Guide to Rapid Change, explores content trends in the association space and how to prepare for the next decade. (Check it out on association.tv/analog-to-digital/order