• Chair

    Stephanie Seguin
    Ottawa Tourism
    Tel: 613.237.5150 ext. 1129
    Email: SSeguin@ottawatourism.ca


    Andrea Myers, CAE
    Hotel Association of Canada
    Tel:  613.237.7149
    Email: amyers@hotelassociation.ca


    Christine James M.A, CAE
    Email: Christine.james.cae@gmail.com

    Co-Chair, PACE

    Bryden McMaster
    Welch LLP
    Tel: 613-236-9191 ext. 196
    Email: bmcmaster@welchllp.com

    Co-Chair, Membership

    Lorna Huiskamp
    Conference for Advanced Life Underwriting
    Tel: 613.693.0353
    Email: LHuiskamp@calu.com

    Co-Chair, CEO Roundtables

    Mathieu Langelier
    International Actuarial Association
    Tel: (613) 236-0886 ext. 123
    Email: mathieu.langelier@actuaries.org

    Council Member

    David Dugas
    D.E. Systems Ltd.
    Tel: (613) 869-7166
    Email: david@desystems.com

    Council Member

    Megan Labonte
    Canadian Physiotherapy Association
    Tel: (613) 564-5454
    Email: mlabonte@physiotherapy.ca

    Network Management

    Network Relations Manager

    Carrie Fischer
    Tel: 1.800.461.3608 
    Email: carrie@csae.com

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