Tapping into Your Hidden Resiliency During a Job Search

If there is anything that is constant, it’s CHANGE. How we deal with change is what matters. I am a Career and Employment Strategist with The Talent Company, working with individuals who are impacted by change.

If the events of the last several months may have caused you internal angst. You are not alone. As a way of releasing this anxiety, I offer the following tips to help you move forward.

Quick Tips

With change, comes opportunity. If you are in a job search, I encourage you to avoid letting your fears become obstacles. Yes, it is a time of uncertainty. However, as we navigate through these times of self-doubt, worry and negativity … take the opportunity to refocus, retool, re-energize and renew.

  • Refocus – Zero in on what is important and what you can control, such as your life goals, your brand and your routine.
  • Retool – Think about your brand – does it need a refresh? Review your messaging, resume, other self-marketing tools and LinkedIn profile. Check out relevant online training; analyze your network and determine who you should reconnect with; practice virtual interviewing; practice the art of follow-up; and research your target industry, companies and people.
  • Re-energize – Focus on self-care. Go for walks, meditate, do yoga or read — surround yourself with people who believe in you and who support you.
  • Renew – Concentrate on moving forward and not looking back. Develop your virtual relationship-building skills, join online groups and contribute to active conversations, celebrate small wins, change up your routine, keep a journal and exercise gratitude.

Through these challenging times, keep your perspective and be open to the possibilities!

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