• Opportunities in the New Normal: Patrick Massad, CAE, PAAB

    Associations Connect Podcast – Episode 7

    Patrick Massad is excited about the opportunities for associations in the “new normal.”

    “I do think that when we look back at this moment from a history point of view, there will eventually be a time when we see this global event as something that sparked a revolution,” said the commissioner of the Pharmaceutical Advertising Advisory Board (PAAB) about the COVID-19 pandemic. PAAB is an independent not-for-profit organization that regulates advertising campaigns directed at healthcare professionals.

    “Leaders now have the opportunity to determine what the new normal will look like. That motivates and excites me.”

    Tune in to this podcast to get tips for your own organization when it comes to implementing an electronic submissions system and forum software to facilitate workflow and team communication.

    You’ll also hear Massad talk about:

    • PAAB’s unique work and the initial challenges associated with working remotely.
    • Why the pandemic brings so many opportunities for visionary organizations: “Even people who hate change understand it right now . . . This is our time to innovate. It shouldn’t be a burden – it’s an opportunity.”
    • How PAAB redirected resources towards the development of online training platforms in 2020 and worked to provide its membership with new digital tools.

    “Drug manufacturers typically would have a huge number of sales reps that go from medical office to office, pharmacy to pharmacy, and walk them through risks and benefits of their products,” explained Massad. “That’s not happening right now. They’ve had to shift their operations to a virtual context. We’ve played a role in supporting digitized materials, email templates – it’s a very different world for our clients.”

    3 takeaway tips for association and nonprofit leaders:

    • Be a flexible leader: “For me personally, a key thing has been reminding myself of the kind of leader I need to be at this time. What’s working today may not work three months from now. We need to be nimble. There is no rule book to follow.”
    • Safeguard your office culture: Even if your staff is capable of working from home, missing team-building events like office pot lucks can be a huge drawback. PAAB is exploring other options, such as virtual escape rooms.
    • Fast-track your forums: Massad is a big believer in forums. PAAB operates online forums for its board members, staff and external clients to promote idea exchange and continuous incremental improvement.

    Click here to hear how PAAB is innovating positive changes for its stakeholders and why Patrick Massad is excited about the opportunities for associations in the new normal in Associations Connect – Episode 7.

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