• Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Halifax Convention Centre

    Halifax Convention Centre has been on a journey to grow our understanding, perspective and approach towards equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI). Since 2017, we have tried to create EDI-freindly experiences for our guests, clients, partners and staff. We aim to recognize and celebrate the uniqueness of everyone who walks through our doors.

    Across all our departments, we have an even share of employees from every age range. This includes a small group of staff over age 65. Did you know there are over a dozen languages spoken at Halifax Convention Centre each day? Among them are Vietnamese, Urdu, Turkish, Tamil, Swiss, German, Spanish, Shona, Portuguese, Mandarin, Lao Thai, Korean, Japanese, Gujarati, French, English, Croatian and Chinese. 

    Our staff hail from South and Southeast Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, and from all provinces and regions of Canada. They bring individual abilities, skills, backgrounds and traditions to work. We do our best to incorporate and commemorate these traditions across the calendar.

    Furthermore, we aim to reflect this range of diversity in our events and guest experiences. 

    Just this year, the Halifax Convention Centre has hosted conferences for a diverse range of associations. These include the Lebanese Chamber of Commerce Cedar & Maple Gala, the National Black Canadians Summit, the Emancipation Proclamation, the Easter Seals Gala and the Mental Health Foundation of Nova Scotia. Such events create inclusive, safe and open spaces for dialogue, expression, and celebration. 

    Halifax Convention Centre is excited to continue on this journey towards cultural understanding. We continue to welcome all those who work in our Centre and all those who visit it. We look forward to hosting you at the CSAE 2022 Conference: REUNITE.

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