• Manage Through Chaos: A Discussion With Phil Buckley

    Associations Connect Podcast – Episode 1

    The COVID-19 pandemic is a time of astronomical upheaval. We’re all in the same boat, grappling with the new normal on emotional, physical and economic levels. If you’re seeking some expert tips for applying solid change management principles to today’s challenges, you’ll be interested in the perspective of Phil Buckley, global change management leader and the author of Change with Confidence.

    Listen to his insights as he speaks with Danielle Lamothe in CSAE’s first podcast:

    • Hear Buckley review people’s basic needs during a crisis: the need for information, a desire for direction and a yearning to collaborate on the way forward. Remember, people can handle the truth but they really do struggle with surprises! Strive for communication and clarity.
    • Learn why it’s important for leaders to be present and visible as they shepherd an organization toward an uncertain future. Learn the importance of communicating facts and data and think about how to leverage what is currently known. Avoid the dangerous trap of misinformation!
    • Discover the importance of making communications relevant to your customer. Remember, associations exist to serve the needs of their members. Now is the time to ask what those members need and aim to deliver it in creative ways.

    Finally, Buckley delivers actionable advice for leaders who are struggling to maintain their own focus:

    • Practise self-care: Realize that as a leader, you’re going through your own personal change. Put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping the person beside you.
    • Sharpen your focus: Hone in on what needs to be done right now and try not to be distracted. Be present and manage now.
    • Be self-aware: We all have peaks and troughs in how we’re managing this situation. Think of challenges you’ve successfully managed in the past and be more aware of how you achieved that success.

    Click here to hear more about managing through chaos with guest Phil Buckley, in Associations Connect Podcast – Episode 1.

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