• A celebration of community development, volunteerism, and mentorship in the association sector and CSAE community.

    CSAE’s Community Leader Award recognizes a member who has been an inspiring leader, influential mentor, and/or has advocated on behalf of the association sector. The recipient has been highly engaged through volunteer work and has significantly contributed to CSAE and the association sector to promote a collaborative and engaged community. Examples of community involvement could include acting as a one-on-one mentor, outside of normal job responsibilities (cannot include direct reports), serving on a Board/committee /task force with a not-for-profit, professional/trade association or charity, etc.

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    • All members, in good standing, are eligible for this award.
    • Preference is given to CAEs.
    • The nominator must be a member.


    • Self-nominations.
    • Nominations for current members of CSAE’s Board of Directors.
    • Nominations for current members of CSAE’s Awards and Recognition committee.
    • Nominations from current members of CSAE’s Awards and Recognition committee.

    Selection Criteria 

    Each application is reviewed by two to four volunteers in accordance with the judging guidelines. Volunteers review each application independently and then meet as a team to review, discuss and come to an agreement on the final recipient. All applications will be reviewed based on a set of established criteria using this evaluation rubric.

    • Advocacy and Involvement: The nominee has made significant contributions through their involvement in CSAE and the association sector through advocacy work and/or volunteer engagement. 
    • Collaboration and Teamwork: The nominee has significantly contributed to CSAE and the association sector to promote a collaborative and engaged community.  
    • Leadership: The nominee has significantly demonstrated their ability to motivate and inspire coworkers and association members through their promotion of mentorship and community development. 

    Celebration and Entitlements

    The leadership awards are celebrated virtually during National Volunteer Week in April.

    One nominee may receive this award in any given year.

    Community Leader Award recipients will receive:

    • An electronic certificate.
    • A personalized image that can be shared on social media.
    • A digital badge.
    • Recognition across communications and within CSAE’s community.

    CAE® Continuous Professional Development (CPD)

    Credit is granted to the nominator for a complete award’s application. Leadership Awards, based on 0.5 hour per complete award nomination (maximum 2 hours per two-year reporting period).

    Become a Judge

    The leadership awards and recognition committee is a working group focused on the development and advancement of CSAE’s leadership awards, bursaries, and recognition initiatives.

    This volunteer opportunity is available to CSAE members. Applications open during the fall with annual appointment. Click here to learn more about the volunteer community and opportunities to get involved.

    Past Recipients

    2024 – Danielle Russell, CAE
    2023 – Alan Tennant, CAE

    Learn More

    For awards inquiries, connect with Olivia Wild, specialist, engagement at olivia@csae.com.

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